Commited to health & safety

Minimizing the risk of injury in the workplace is of prime importance to any commercial kitchen facility. With the kitchen being a potentially hazardous environment for safety due to an ever present element of heat, liquids, and grease, it’s essential that your facility have a drainage system which improves health and safety conditions by reducing the amount of liquid present on workplace floors and surfaces.

ACO drainage systems are specifically designed to reduce the build-up of liquids by disposing of water and grease effectively and immediately. In high risk areas that require heavy water usage, including preparation stations and processing sectors, ACO provides slip resistant grating for additional safety.

Each component of our drainage systems is easy to clean, without sharp edges, and aims to keep your employees as safe as possible while at your production facility.

With safety in mind we have even developed a fire resistant solution, which is certified according to EN 1366 and helps to protect the working environment.